Groupthink approaching 1984 status

Posted: June 20, 2010 in Culture, Current events
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Groupthink, government installed or just plain ethnocentric/ideological Think among the proles,  is becoming the new norm in the West. It’s like a long-distance runner, one, that instead of tiring and stopping to pant, is instead gaining speed and direction. Why? We’re getting dead serious about multiculturalism; we’re at the point where where different laws for different groups is becoming the norm). Here’s just a few examples:

Don’t try proselytizing in Dearborn, Michigan among  Muslims–it’s against Sharia law–and you will be arrested, fool.

Americaca:  one  man, one six votes (in the name of diversity).

Indian-American woman has non-group coloring (too white looking); besides she’s Christian (wrong religious group affiliation).

Pop singer has wrong name: it belongs to a different group.

Importing groups as a political weapon.

Paris streets: wrong group, wrong street.

La Raza group VS Jews group

Group cleansing: wrong group, wrong place (Mexican group VS black group).


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