Americaca: a few important cultural updates

Posted: June 19, 2010 in Culture, Current events

HBO’s “True Blood” actor, Ryan Kwanten (the greatest actor since the passings of Laurence Olivier and Sir Richard Burton and the greatest writer since Willy Shake-a-spear), pens “The G-Strategy” (a sex guide): due out 2011. In the meantime we can only wait with bated breath for this great new work of Americacan culture.

Probably the greatest Americacan cultural icon today, that most humongous star, Miley Cyrus, won’t press charges against upskirt photo posted by gossip guy. Here.

Probably the second greatest Americacan cultural icon since Boy George, Lady Caca, auctions off silver triangular trio necklace designed by Brian Lichtenberg that she wore in the “Poker Face” video, (and no doubt  in light of the poor economic times)  to the lowest bidder. Here.

Sport fans: true Everyman’s Americacan culture in action : For the love of the game. Here.


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