Soccer of the universe

Posted: June 17, 2010 in Uncategorized
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By Zeus the We are the World crowd is still trying to ram the little kids’ game of soccer (dogeball with feet) down our collective throat. These people are coming at us like the Borg, determined that will will all be hooked up to the collective circuitry of the mother ship. To wit:  “…the rest of the world follows a sport [soccer] that rewards resilience and neuroticism. Soccer is a sport perfectly designed to reinforce a tragic view of the universe, because basically it is a long series of frustrations leading up to near certain heartbreak.”

I would love to look at the flow of  synaptic firings in this guy’s brain. Soccer mirrors the tragic view of the universe? And of course you can see this universe drama unfold in the faces of the spectators (at least when they’re not rioting): “The author Nick Hornby once had the brains to turn around while at an Arsenal match to watch the faces of the fans instead of the game. He observed that over the course of 15 minutes, the fans reflected frustration, rage, bitterness, despair, false hopes and discouragement. That’s because the players are perpetually pushing the ball forward, and it often looks like something is about to happen, but in reality it almost never does.” Yeap, just like the universe. Of course you never see frustration and despair and false hope in the fans of oh, say baseball or football or basketball, right? What drivel.

Read the article here.


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