Pavlov’s lefties…

Posted: June 16, 2010 in Culture, Current events, Movies, Politics, Psychology, Religion

I haven’t seen Sex in the City (1 or 2); I just can’t get into that silly blather of fashioned images and what I suspect is a lot of dipsy (i.e., dippy/tipsy)  talk. But somehow the movie has hit the Super Left’s phobics meter: Islamophobic, homophobic, multiculturalphobic (manphobic?), peopleofcolorphobic, sensitivityphobic,  witphobic, goodtastephobic, etc… It’s left them salivating like Pavlov’s canine volunteers, to wit: “…Before leaving Abu Dhabi, the increasingly loathsome quartet become involved in a mishap that ends with Samantha … in the middle of a busy town square, holding up a package of condoms, thrusting her hips and s houting, “I have sex!!!” as the Muslim call to prayer is sounded. Sex and the City 2 won’t win any awards (save for a few Razzies), but it could become an effective inspirational video for suicide bombers[.]…”

Huh? “I have sex” Suicide bombers? Well, Leftists are soooooo sensitive when it comes to their lovey-dobey  support of culturally (and officially) designated oppressive gender apartheid systems today. When brutal fascistic “native cultures” from the dark ages are placed in the realm of multiculturalism they’re  beautiful things of beauty and value.

Anyway here’s an article on this very subject from Big Hollywood.


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