Illegals stealing the summer job markets (and let’s not forget the fall, winter and spring)

Posted: June 15, 2010 in Society
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Why your teen can’t find a job this summer…. “Many states where immigrants are the largest share of workers also have lowest teenage labor force participation, including California, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Florida, Hawaii, Texas, and Arizona, said Steven Camarota, the center’s research director and lead author of the report…” Read more of this synopsis here. Here’s the report here.

Note: Though I do feel sorry for many illegal aliens, especially citizens from Mexico, many of whom are escaping Mexico’s racial front (yes, the dominant Mex-Euro class is highly racist), drug wars and attendant crime, while just looking for work, their problems can not be fixed here, or at least shouldn’t be. Pressure has to be put on the Mexican government to become a responsible state. Read this past post: Is Mexico ateempting racial purity by encouraging its darker citizens to leave?


Related: Fed prisons for illegals: not too shabby.


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