Take this ball and shove it (as the song says)

Posted: June 12, 2010 in Current events
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Take this job ball and shove it…I’m so sick of the media shoving soccer (yeah, soccer not football as we know it) down our throats. Soccer is a shit game, mostly played by grammar school girls for mandatory gym classes. The school system likes it because you don’t need any equipment, except maybe for a couple of dinky goal posts. It’s a big stupid game for thugs with foot fetishes. What, except for the goalie, you can’t use your hands (and maybe your head once in a while to show off) ? That’s not a sport.  Baseball is a sport, basketball is a sport. In the digital world soccer’s parallel is pac man, where you can only use your gummy chompers to score.And the scoring crap… oy vey. Steven M. Warshawsky at American Thinker sums it up nicely:  “In my opinion, a lack of scoring is not merely an incidental aspect of the game of soccer —— it is its essence.  That is, the ultimate purpose of soccer is to engage in lots of furious activity to accomplish  . . . absolutely nothing.  Not surprisingly, when that elusive goal is scored (if it is scored), ear—shattering howls of euphoria erupt from players, announcers, and spectators alike, as if their very souls were being released from the depths of hell.” The sport from hell, my sentiment exactly.

Above all, and what is so distasteful about soccer is that it’s a game seized by xenophobia (especially during the World Cup), whether it’s national, racial, or even ethnic, or religious . It’s a game for zealots. It’s parallel in the real world, for example,  is Tutsis VS  Hutus (ethnic), Islam VS Christian or Buddhism (religious), Germany VS England (nationalism). Those in the media that call for soccer to be embraced in the US as our “We are the world pastime” reek from the jingoist/prejudicial stench of the late nineteenth and WWI era of the 20th century.


The world’s sport: we salute you

It’s a soccer game–quick, to the shelters!

Soccer–Hiroshima and Nagasaki of the sports world

We are the world!


Soccer–for the love of xenophobia.

ON THE OTHER HAND, there is the bizarre leftist supreme judgement that NOT liking soccer makes you–are you ready?–racist,  anti world, anti paradise, anti galzxy, anti lovey dovey…Here.  For a right-of-center response to this go here.


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