Beyond the valley of blowup dolls: sexbots coming of age

Posted: June 12, 2010 in Psychology, Society
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Well it’s a start. Japan’s been going full steam ahead in the sexy robot field but now a New Jersey company claims “the world’s first sex robot“–life-sized rubber doll “that’s designed to engage the owner with conversation rather than lifelike movement.” I’ve always been fascinated by gorgeous androids in movies (can’t wait for human/robot domestic partnerships–well, all that’s in the future when they’re really developed, including that all important lifelike movement). As robots become more and more sophisticated they will be indistinguishable from actual human behavior. Anyway the one below is well, pretty hot (sort of); I mean they have the figure down right…And keep in mind “Owners will … be able to select different personalities for Roxxxy, from ‘Wild Wendy’ to ‘Frigid Farrah’ …” You’re looking at about seven to eight thousand for the one below. See article here.

And look at this face–just like my girlfriend’s during orgasm.


Hey I have some past posts on this topic but can’t find them right now so here’s some others:

Why men one day will need a robot woman.

Sex and Love with Robots: The Evolution of of Human-Robot Relationships

Lesbian robots (I think)


Oh man what a bod!

Oh man mercy me


Lovely! A perfect woman for all seasons

Note to real women: don’t get all jealous now and try attacking one of these sexy fembots; they are powerful enough to crush a 747 in mid flight!


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