Enter the white worm

Posted: June 11, 2010 in Current events, History, Politics, Religion
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Worst worm in the world

After Helen Thomas’ tirade about how the “Jews should get the hell of Israel” Keith Olbermann (supreme paternalist) finally had to take a stand, and well, he did but it was a tirade against Rabbi David Nessenoff, the one who recorded Thomas’ infamous little bluster. Turns out Nessenoff–and this of course gives him Olbermann’s worst person in the world designation (wish I could get one of them)–“doesn’t have clean hands.”  It seems Neissenoff once posted a humorous weather report video of himself on his web site delivering it “in a really bad Hispanic dialect that is flatly racist.” Keith knows every nuance of racist dialect when he hears one (excluding of course deliberately bad German or Russian accents made fun of so often or an black or Hispanic mocked “upper middle class white person’s” English accent–and pity the poor Valley Girl “dialect”).

A lot of us free speech advocates (a dying breed) don’t particularly care or are not offended by a 200 year old’s misguided historical opinion (and that should have been the topic of criticism), but if  Olbermann is going to sit there with his stone-faced morally-outraged mug and contrast her comment with, at worst, some rabbi’s clumsy (deliberate or otherwise) Hispanic dialect shouldn’t at least Old Helen point to the bigger indicator number on the offense meter?

By the way, I’m sure if, instead of a  rabbi, the interviewer had been an islamic imam, Helen Thomas would have been his worst person in the world for that night; or maybe he would’ve simply skipped the entire segment.


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