Hitting chick flicks (double standard?)

Posted: June 10, 2010 in Movies

Film critic takes umbrage at the double standard: “… Oddly, though, for a film written by a man [Sex and the City 2], the critics’ insults were reserved for women, in a dazzling display of put-downs. Sukhdev Sandhu in the Telegraph sneered at the women for “all getting older” adding that Sarah Jessica Parker “looks like a cross between Wurzel Gummidge and Bride of Chucky”, while Miranda “looks badly embalmed”. In the Observer, Philip French ridiculed the “bitchy heroines” who enjoy “an orgy of self-pity” and described Carrie as “equine” (horse-like, people)… [quoting again] “These girls are so hung up on looking great they’ve forgotten there are several ways to be ugly.” The women are “greedy, faithless, spoiled, patronising . . . morons”. Samantha is a “blonde slut” with “the desperate mentality of the School Bike”, Miranda is “the ginger one”, Charlotte plumbs “the depths of her own venality” and Carrie is stuck in a “wind-tunnel miasma of selfish needs. Yuck.” The women behave like “materialistic whores”. Read the rest of this article here. The gist of this article is simply that men’s shallow movies (e.g., “Hot Tub Time Machine”), compared to women’s shallow movies, somehow get a pass. Maybe it’s because we assume women are more, at least generally speaking, more mature than men, somehow more intelligent.


Related: Just a question: Ever wonder why Lindsay Lohan–not my favorite person though I wouldn’t kick her out of my hot tub– is seemingly the subject of more court action and police scrutiny and publicity than say, there would be for Osama bin Laden if he were captured?


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