Ghouls of the firing squad

Posted: June 10, 2010 in Crime, Current events, Society
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“It was anti-climactic,” he says. “Another day at the office.” He has brought with him a stack of photos from Taylor’s autopsy, including one of the man’s heart, blown into three pieces. Does he have any lingering effects from his role in the execution? “I’ve shot squirrels I’ve felt worse about,” he says. He volunteered to participate, he said, and would do so again, given the opportunity. “There’s just some people,” he says, “we need to kick off the planet.” Here.


Note: The cop interviewd in this story,  who so enthusiastically volunteered for the firing squad, gives me the creeps. I mean for godsakes who carries around autopsy pictures of exploded hearts.  He probably has smaller versions he keeps in his wallet, you know, next to pics of his wife and kids. Fifty bucks says  he’s a seriel killer masquerading as a justice monger. I think I saw this type in a movie one time.


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