The strange case of Hoops and Yoyo–and the…ahem, black “holes” of outer space

Posted: June 8, 2010 in Current events

Yes, of course,  you just knew it would come down to this sooner or later…well, the trouble starts with a three-year old Hallmark talking-card–you now the kind, open it and a voice chip is activated– featuring a pink kitty and a green bunny named Hoops and Yoyo (yeah, cute names). Well,  I will certainly vouch for their characters as good tolerant (i.e., non-racist) cartoonish citizens,  but lo and behold they are headed for controversy. I’m afraid that on one of the cards one of them mentions, within the pure context of our cute little universe, “black holes.” Evidently the NAACP considers this an insult to black women. They say–and evidently you have to listen real close as only NAACP members can–“black holes” sounds like  “black whores” or “hoes”.  Here.

By the way, the very name itself, “black hole”, is considered racist by some, such as TV personality Joy Baher.


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