Star brilliance

Posted: May 20, 2010 in Humor
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“I developed that (a fear of flying) when I turned 20. I had to come up with a way to deal with it because I didn’t want to have panic attacks every time I get on a plane. I know for a fact it’s not in my destiny to die listening to a Britney Spears album, so I always put that on in my (headphones) when I’m flying because I know it won’t crash if I’ve got Britney on.” Megan Fox

“I love cigarettes. Love them. I think the more positive approach you have to smoking, the less harmful it is.” Sienna Miller

“I carry condoms in my purse, even though I haven’t had sex in a long time. I’m hoping for luck! And I carry them so I can give them to other people who might want or need them, or who might want to have a conversation.” Sharon Stone

“I’ve been noticing gravity since I was very young.” Cameron Diaz

“I have masturbated myself out of serious problems in my life … It has a true market value, like gold bullion. … I do it because I want to take a brain bath. It’s like a hot whirlpool for my brain, in a brain space that is 100 percent agreeable with itself.” John Mayer

“I don’t brush my teeth. No, really! I just use Listerine — and sometimes I’ll use my sweater. I do brush every now and again, but my teeth are extremely powerful. Fine, maybe when I’m 60 I’ll be all, “ow!” Jessica Simpson

Read some more star brilliance here. Oh, and let’s not forget this bit of star brilliance from Nicholas Cage:  “I actually choose the way I eat according to the way animals have sex” (Here.)

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