Engaging the hodgepodge

Posted: May 20, 2010 in Current events
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“…In suggesting that bloggers create original content, Dennis A Mahoney writes, “The web is a tremendous hodgepodge of media. There are sites about books, sites about music, and sites about sites.” Yes! But to move toward “original content” is to move in exactly the wrong direction. People are hungry, they are positively salivating, for sites that intelligently dissect the plethora of sites that in turn deal with sites, books, music, and sites on sites. In every other medium critics write from secondary, tertiary, even quaternary degrees of removal. The critics analyse the original content, sure; but then the critics are themselves analysed; and then that analysis is analysed by someone else; and then the real genius wakes up, carbonates his own cola product, turns on his computer, and analyses the shit out of everything that preceded him. And that’s what students write awesome, timeless papers about…” Here.


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