The amazing world of Racism

Posted: May 17, 2010 in Crime, Current events
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Caution: text block coming up, read quickly:

Scot Tshirt shop owner bloke puts out some funniness (jokey stuff)…T shirt wishes happiness to English rivals at World Cup and all that: “Anyone But England” (you know, ABE) and all that. Ink printed right on T shirt front (right where the Blokes of England can see it)…Call is made by blokes that can see it after racist foulness comes into play…Racism police knock on door…Officers check merchandise for racism ingredients…Finally nix it all with a jaunty jokey “It’s not racism – it’s football”  (but lo and behold Scot Government rep bloke says: “It’s important to recognise people could take offence”)…All in all happy ending: T shirt owner bloke escapes the Tower. Tally ho (and all that)…


Related (three items):

Are Mac owners racist? Survey says only seven percent of Mac computer owners are non-white…Non Mac owners say, Remember Rodney King, baby. Steve Jobs reluctantly admits it could be a long hot summer.

Physics professor fired for saying you can’t mix apples and oranges. Teacher says she was simply talking of logical restrictive constraints in the application of mathematical indices in quantum components. Insists there was nothing racist about the analogy. “The whole apples/oranges thing was taken out of context,” she says. Civil rights advocates disagree, say she will burn in legal hell.

Anti Arizonians say new racist anti illegal immigration bill has already reduced lettuce consumption by ten million heads of lettuce per capita, resulting in the nutritional deaths of almost ten thousand school pupils per day. News anchor Katie Couric says it’s the worst disaster since the racist global warming mass deaths of the past ten years.


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