Voice of America: infected

Posted: May 14, 2010 in Uncategorized
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“…But when she gets to Voice of America, Ellie sees that VOA is not what she or the other Persian broadcasters at PNN had thought. The agency, managed by people who have little regard for VOA’s mission to promote the values of the United States and freedom in Iran, treat their professional broadcasters like circus animals. Either they jump, like performing circus dogs, through the hoops they want – which is to kiss the derriere of the Iranian radical Islamic mullahs in Tehran – or they will be destroyed. In fact, the father of the senior managing editor of PNN, Ali Sajjadi, is a mullah, and he is forced to admit as much when on a recent television show. His anti-American, pro-radical Islamic bent infects the programming of the entire network and subverts the mission of VOA…” Here.


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