“The smartphone as a dangerous item”

Posted: April 29, 2010 in Current events
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“…a smartphone is a dangerous item…; with a smartphone you pose a threat to many, whether through botnets or by using your handset to control other devices. Kaspersky alluded to dark doings to which he is privy and the increase in terrorist, fanatic and political activities, some of which are organised or made easier through the use of technology. Because of such threats—and because smartphones are already becoming devices in which people store and organise their whole lives—Kaspersky believes the time has come for a database of smartphone owners. Much like gun ownership, Kaspersky outlined, smartphone owners would need to register their handsets. The handsets themselves would have a unique identifier code associating the handset with the owner. Access to the handset would be controlled by a PIN code or even a biometric fingerprint reader. As well as ensuring only the handset owner could get at the data stored on the device, a hardware security solution would make transactions such as online banking and purchases safe. Executable files and sensitive data could also be securely transferred…” Here.


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