Comments of infamy…

Posted: March 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hahahahaha…Geeez I love reading stupid comments. It’s my newest hobby.  Here’s some “typical discusssion” talking points of an historical nature, namely the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor:

–Victory???? you need the atomic bomb to stop Japan!!!! you never won that battle!!!! haha Us suckers. You beat Germany because of the U.R.S.S. effort on the east side, and beat Japan because of the atomic bomb. Lost to Vietnam…not even beat Irak. Loosers. Italy, Germany, France, England those are real countryes with a real bloody history.

–@rediscoverySX How about i stick my foot in your ass & send u to one of them countries so they can fuck u in your ass then lets see what u got to say about them.

–first of all if we needed to we would have invaded and killed every single jap that we had seen…they had the invasion planned supplies and troops assembled, the whole nine yards. look up operation downfall and then see how screwed up japan would have been..

–don’t forget, they lost to canada, 200 years ago, too. haha

__@StSimonOfTrent your right it was obvious!!! we were talking about this in my class usa did not continue supporting japan with raw materials then japan literally said “you dont support japan anymore well now we dont like you””and bomm


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