“1 volume encyclopedia…”

Posted: March 17, 2010 in Human Nature, Psychology
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From across the digital divide comes–Youtube comment  pleasantries for your humble enjoyment…

“…you’re the fag 4 hiding behind a queer username dozydoodles 2 attack people w/ fighting words like a coward! U lucky I just won $10,000 or I’d hunt u down & shove a 1 volume encyclopedia up yur throat–u r a fuck thing whatever U are male female she/he..fuc off if u know what’s good for U & dont contact me…I wish I could foc yur mom, yur aunt, & your grandma on the beach while you’re tied up-Older babes like your mom & aunt need the sand pounded off their hairy pussies, right, dozydick?…”


Comment analysis with the intention of indicating possible suggestions of improvement for communication purposes.

up yur throat” ??? Isn’t that supposed to be down…?

What’s a fuck thing? Isn’t that a blowup doll?

Reduncancy: “male female she/he”…

“don’t contact me” (?) Don’t worry about that.

“tied up-Older babes” You mean tied up cougars?  Then say cougars.

“sand pounded off their hairy…” Evidently this is synonymous with the term “intense copulation on the beach.”


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