World news flash: Amy Winehouse approaching normal appearance…

Posted: March 11, 2010 in Culture, Current events

By Zeus how was this miracle-in-the-making accomplished? By natural foods? Vitamins? Giving up drugs and alcohol (er, taking the wine out of the house?) and the horrible habit of smoking?…Should cynicism of the pop/blues singer now be ameliorated?  Now if she would only get rid of those grotesque tattoos… Here (see bottom pic).

Past posts on this most important subject:

Puss-oozing freakazoid of the crooner world

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Juxtaposed comparison blast from the past: What bad consumption did. Winehouse on the left, though in too short a skirt (in my humble opinion), is ravishing (I feel the beginning jab of an erection); Winehouse on the right is well…should we say goodbye jab?:



No doubt unable to cope with the Cynic’s unrelenting bashing the singer reforms, hence the improving form below (no, I haven’t received another jab yet):

So, the post in a nutshell:

Old  Amy: Hubba hubba hubba wowsiewozo yuba yuba howsie wowsie hotsie totsie yabba dabba dooooooo wowsie wowsie hubba…

Middle Amy: Yucky poo poo slucky sluck vomit vomit zahhhhh slimo blahhhhhh yuck blahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

Present Amy: Yawn yawn middling middling yawn passable passable…

  1. billl says:

    she looks fantastic in the last picture

  2. leah says:

    omg facking ugly

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