“Mondo Hollywood”

Posted: January 18, 2010 in Humor, Movies, Society

Watched this late sixties movie (120 minutes) last night on Hulu. It was supposedly once banned in France as a “danger to mental health.” Personally I don’t see the connection, but then again this is 2010. The best I can say is it’s a series of seedy vignettes about life in Hollywood. It seems to chronicle that period when society’s anti-sexual/anti-self expression  fascade of hiding fantasized sexual or secretly indulged behavior began to give way–to drug use (LSD), topless fascination, long hair, hipster indulgence, and astral projection, etc. The movie’s intermixed with famous stars of the day as they descend their limos at movie premiers in typical overindulgent style. Oh and look for Ronald Reagan complaing in a speech that UCLA reeks of  reefer madness.

Google video



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