Question of the day (with some short answers)

Posted: December 6, 2009 in Culture, Current events
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Why are only Western countries held to a multicultural standard?

Example: “…In Bhutan, the [Islamic] king is applauded because he allows only a certain number of foreigners into the country. He prescribes a certain dress code and mandatory cultural events. Bhutan is a small country that wants to retain its cultural identity in a globalized world. Austria is also a small country with similar challenges. Why is the one country commended and the other berated?” Here.

Short answer: The true goal of multiculturalism is to destroy the West.


Short answers:

a) Multiculturalists are guided by a racial/ethnic/cultural view that Western culture is too dominant and makes other cultures look inadequate. Multiculturalists harbor deep racist views, and the only way to redeem their guilt-ridden conscience is to destroy its foundation.

b) Western societies, they relaize, can never be destroyed from without; they must be gradually blunted and destroyed from within through mass immigration and political correctness.

c) Cultural egalitaianism: The remnant of Western civilization–laws, religions, science, freedoms–will be reduced to merely another cultural piece of the whole. But even as a remnant it will be less than the other parts.


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