Lone woman faces mid-East brigands (but that was in the 1840s)

Posted: December 6, 2009 in Books, History
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From a rather erudite blog about books, though this entry is from 2004: “…On another occasion, Lady H was with some other members of a tribe and was told… that if she was found in their company, the whole group would be killed by a rival tribe. Lady H immediately broke apart from her companions, and set off across the desert alone. Sure enough, she was soon being chased by a large band of brigands. Recognising that she could not escape, Lady H turned to face them, and with a roar of defiance yelled out, ‘Avaunt!’ [meaning] ‘Go away!’ Or ‘To hell with the lot of you!’ Or perhaps something even ruder. The band of brigands was so impressed by this display of courage that they decided not to kill her after all, and roared their approval in reply, firing their weapons into the sky instead of at her…” Here (article refers to an early nineteenth century book–still in print in various editions (inc. the Kindle)– by Alexander Kinglake, Eothen, which happened to be a favorite of  Winston Churchill).


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