Lost in translation?

Posted: November 16, 2009 in Politics
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Obama talked to Chinese students about the need for an internet free of censorship. Yeah, go Obama. But yet you’d think he’d set a better example at home. His administration has been threatening direct control of the internet and indirect control with a kind of, well I guess what you”d call an l/O version of the  fairness doctrine.  His lust for media control has been steadily widening. He and his hatchet-people have been vigoriously denouncing Talk Radio pundits and the one network news channel, Fox,  that hasn’t parroted his positions (wish Fox had done that when Bush was in though). Even today his Maoist-MotherTeresist  Anita Dunn crony–even as she leaves the building– has been raging agaisnt Glenn Beck and friends again.

  1. another situation to use the saying: “do it as i’m saying, don’t do it as i do”

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