Leftist journalism reaches max state on Palin book; material creates brain drain on its staff

Posted: November 15, 2009 in Books, Current events

Seems a lot of Lib minds are at work on Palin’s book. The collective consensus? Well, for one, did she ever stay in a fat cat type hotel ( which would be elitist), the kind, say where Lib journalists stay? Could be; official Lib investigation coming in as we speak… However, there are certain questions not being develed into in this hot investigative journlism. A lot of us want to know if she was wearing, oh say expensive pantyhose while on the campaign and if so did the GOP have to foot the bill? OK. Latest  now from the Newsreal blog post: “No word on whether or not Palin ate the mint on her pillow [at the fat cat hotel]. Was it dark chocolate? Is that question “racist”? I await Media Matters’ verdict. Assuming they have enough staffers on hand to deliver it.”


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