Posted: September 18, 2009 in Religion
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Muslim teen, wtih the help of the ever resourceful EEOC, sues Abercrombie & Fitch because they won’t consider hiring  her because she wears a head covering, known as a handkerchief hijab. How about if she had applied for work in a full burka with face mask? How about if she had been hired and insisted on prayer five times each shift? What if she wanted to refuse talking to men coming in the store–you know like answering sales questions– something that would certainly, it seems fair to assume, would put a damper on sales? By the way I wonder if the PC EEOC would be so zealous if a Christian wanted to wear, oh say a cross in a Muslim owned store or how would they feel about taking up the case for a follower of the late Jim Jones of the Peoples’ Temple (remember Guayana) who insisted on wearing a vial of kool-Aid around her neck? How about a fanatic of Yoga who insisted it was his religious right to controt his body and wrap one of his legs about his neck while chanting? There really is no end to the madness of this society anymore.


Related: Extra Extra read all about it…Jedi warrior of the Jedi Church tossed out of store for refusing to remove hood. Suffers deep humiliation…The universe has now been disturbed…”Mr Jones, from Holyhead [England], said his religion dictated that he should wear the hood in public places and is considering legal action against the chain.

Here’s another take on this case.


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