Is Barack Obama Rosemary’s baby?

Posted: June 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

You know, I like Obama. I do. He’s cool, collected and, unlike the former prez, can talk in complete sentences and do so in a pleasant eloquent voice. Yet I have this sneaking suspicion (well in the back of my mind of course)  concerning his agenda.  After four years will it be as if we had been living under Britain’s Orwellian Labour gov for all that time? Yes, the questions…Will Muslims get to control their communities with the horror of sharia law? Will the government own every business? Will corporate banks be allowed to collect overdrafts using their own SWAT teams? Will the words In “Multiculturalism We Trust” appear on our money (it’s bad enough we have “God” on there). But of course these are just a few questions of a masochistic ranting mind. After four (or eight) years we’ll probably be in the same condition as if that other Rosemary baby had been kept in office–Baby Dubya.


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