Presidential experience–think nothing of it. It’s bogus.

Posted: September 13, 2008 in Uncategorized
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A lot of people have been saying Sarah Palin has no experience to be President; others say the same about Obama. But here’s the deal. Experience doesn’t matter. A twelve year old kid who’s still in the first grade could become president and lead the country. He’d have advisors and surrogates, he’d have administrators and an experienced person, replete with his people, in every slice of the governement pie. Experienced cogs and coggers would be head military department, the economic department, etc, etc; another experienced person would hold the keys to the bunker under the White House. An experienced chef would make the food, experienced secret service guys would still be in their trenchcoats and Bausch & Lomb aviators. The little kid president could sit up in the oval office all day with his milk and cookies watching Sponge Bob Square Pants and writing on the walls with crayons and the country wouldn’t have the slightest problem functioning (at least no more than usual). The existing momentum of the government would rumble on, just like the universe, day and night after day and night. What do you think was running the country as Bill was spending hours ejaculating onto various White House carpets? Momentum. What do you think is running the country while Bush is chopping away at seven or eight cords of wood for the cameras on his fake ranch? Momentum. Speaking of Bush. If Bush fell asleep right now (let’s all hope) and didn’t wake up till the new President walked  in through the front door you would never have noticed the difference. Everything would still be working. NORAD would still be on alert, all emergency exits would still be open. So don’t worry about experience in a president or his Vice. As Penn & Teller might say, experience is bullshit.


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