The sexual allure of drab totalitarian women

Posted: September 13, 2008 in Current events
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Ah, yes, the sexual allure of drab totalitarian women…I love totalitarian women. I mean let’s face it, is there anything sexier than goose-stepping militant North Korean commie babes in short OD uniform skirts armed with AK-47s? Right, I didn’t think so. Check out the 60th anniversary parade.

North Korean female brigade


(OK, I know the boots are made from the hides of political prisoners, but they still look pretty hot on the girls.)

Another shot of the North Korean female soldiers (and there’s something very suggestive about the placement of those swords)

And let’s not forget these totalitarian North Korean female Navy recruits.

N. Korean totalitarian navy women up close and personal.


Authoritarian female soldiers  up close (hahahaha, look at the leering male sausage eaters in the background). 

Even more hot totalitarian women, this time Chinese (Chinese militia)



Even under that totalitarian Islamic burka I can tell she’s hot.

Hmmmmm….which one tonight (you lucky dictator you)?

Kim’s narrowing it down–and the “winner” is…

  1. Vichy Fournier says:

    I just like Chinese girls. Haha. Korean myself.

  2. Who the heck would want to shoot at these women…?

    Face to face in combat, all I could think of was; dinner? A movie? Your place or mine?

    Damn. I think we just lost that war.

  3. Helloklok says:

    The war against communism is where I pick up chicks.

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