Cyber Sutra–Meet India’s Savita Bhabhi

Posted: September 11, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Cyber Sutra: India’s online eroticism: India’s “first online pornographic comic book strip is luring tens of thousands of internet viewers, who are logging on for a daily dose of stimulation and humour courtesy of the buxom Savita Bhabhi…”Who is she? “Savita Bhabhi is a busty and artfully drawn Indian housewife who loves her husband, Ashok Patel, but gets bored during the long days she spends alone at home while he is busy at the office. The full colour cartoons detail her fun-filled adventures with everyone from the door-to-door lingerie salesman (“Can you help me please… The hook is stuck.”) to two energetic young men who lose their cricket ball in her garden and a hunky cousin visiting from the US. In every episode, Savita’s bountiful charms and washboard-flat abdomen ensure she always snares her target…” Well greetins from New Jersey USA, Savita Bhabhi–May god grant you eternal life and prosperity even though you’re only a cartoon.

Obligatory sin and damnation warning: This link directs you to this erotic cartoon series. Obligatory sin and damnation warning 2:  This post in no way is meant to demean Indian barebreasted cartoon women. Women of all races, creeds and ethnic groups can be barebreasted cartoon characters. FMC does not and will not condone any kind of barebreasted female cartoon sterotyping. If you are looking for barebreasted female cartoon sterotyping please go elsewhere.

  1. Moynihan CK says:

    It’s total rubbish, dear, u r publicised immensely so as 2’Savita ***bi’ is concern; if u don’t shouting then no one can here ur scream on this planet, nothing will happen 2 harm & nothing’ll loss either! Just ignore ‘Savita ***bi’. This is not our social issue either!! We’ve 2 have much more concentrate 2 build India in “SUPER POWER” with 2010 AD. I’m looking forward 4 the same. We’re just growin’ profusely gradually from point 2 a bigger point. So just ignore ‘SB’. In view of this or rather apart from these ‘SB’ no computer I repeat no-such computer has avoid to some extent of lewd so called Art Material inside ‘HDD’; think thrice not twice, issues can be man handle properly otherwise it’s can’nt be extinguish properly and it flame persist then we can evaluate the consequences so far and so forth. So, leave it to lies inside ‘www’ » what I know that mean ‘world-wide womanzer’ or ‘world-wide wealth’ as billions of $ (not rupee) are involved with world-wide porn industry. If we touch the so called ‘porn’ industry then I’m sure we shall burn the face of our country or somewhere else. So keep aside ‘SB’ And don’t even think that ‘Long Live ‘SB’? as I say so, niether I say “Go 2 Hell ‘SB’. And last but certainly not the least never ever try to hype ‘SB’ » it’ll gradually subsides, let time’ll say………

  2. fullmetalcynic says:

    Thanks for commenting. I will say this, Indian cartoon women are very beautiful.

  3. Yashraj Sawant says:

    Indian Women Cartoons are very sexy,
    and beautiful.

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