This explains a LOT

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The stupidity virus. Question of the day: are you infected? Well, you probably are but you don’t know it yet. I mentioned this article to a few people and they said I must’ve gotten it from a leftover April Fools story. Nope.


ROMCOMs–a cynic’s take

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ROMCOM…aka Romantic Comedy. Well here’s a cynic’s take.

Question from idiot for item on Amazon:
Q: How do you fit a AAA battery in this flashlight. The AAA is a little bit shorter than the AA. Any recommendations?
A: Stand it up and then hit it with a hammer until it’s the same length.


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I’ve been reading The Best American Noir of the Century and some lines in the intro set the cynical tone just right, at least for the stories in this great collection and maybe for life in general. Noir. Hardboiled. Dark. Pessimistic. Cynical:  “…It’s the long drop off the short pier…It’s the nightmare of flawed souls with big dreams and the precise how and why of the all-time sure thing that goes bad…the opportunity as fatality, social justice as sanctified shuck, and sexual love as a one way ticket to hell.”

Deny? Then die? Huh?

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This is probably the best reason I’ve heard to full accept the global warming political agenda (if not the actual fuzzy scientific data): “Kill the deniers“.

Mass immigration agenda

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Psychologically speaking: Supporting mass immigration from third world territories merely to prove you’re not racist is in itself racist, underlying a deep sense of superiority.

Politically speaking: Supporting mass immigration to achieve a voting pattern that will keep the leftist elite in power is nothing less than–racism.

Ferguson, we have a problem

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We all know there is in fact such a thing as police brutality, and its victims are of all races and even innocent dogs. However, in Ferguson, we have a problem.

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