Quoting now from yahoo news entry, folks:

“President Barack Obama came into office in 2009 promising a new era of unprecedented transparency…But when he leaves office, reporters may remember him for an effort that has largely turned out to be the opposite — and for being what one affected reporter has called the ‘greatest enemy to press freedom in a generation.’ ” From here.

The horrendous actions of a number of Pakistani Muslim male pedophiles and child abductors covered up by–you guessed it–political correctness (here). If you’re a Brit don’t feel bad, the same insane PCism is spreading rapidly across our fruited plains and deteriorating cities.

Question of the week

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In the juxtapositional term Government Mafia… is it more an insult to the Government or to the Mafia?

Funny Sunday: Jihadi Vogue

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The spoof cover of Vogue which surfaced online was poking fun at the group's own magazine

Hey, more humor from Iraq.

If only she had been cynical…

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If you’ve ever doubted the need for cynicism in your life read a Kindle Single called “Noir.” Though recently written it tells a tale from the mid-eighties or so. Lesson: never trust a sad tale from a seemingly vulnerable guy with longish black hair.

Klan Libs

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How many times have you witnessed this? When a black person talks well, is educated and doesn’t live in the hood he comes under attack by nasty white Capital L[iberals]. And they sound a lot like the klan. For an intro check this short article and vid out.

The Fifth Column–now marching?

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This is quite an incredible story about an Islamic fifth column operating in full view of the stupid, right here in the Grand Banana Republic.(Er, where’s deputy Barney Fife when you need him?)