And that’s considered a bad year for millionaire growth rate! I don’t know why these people don’t get together and buy The Grand Banana Republic. They can use it for a landfill, or used car lot.


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The Satantist Black Mass is on in Oklahoma City, featuring a real live exorcism. The Shhhh part is that I hope to sneak in with a Linda Blair mask (don’t give it away now).

Wife beater and football player and big bully Ray–the elevator puncher– Rice getting some advice from friends, OJ offered him his tight leather black gloves so he “could do it right” next time and Mike Tyson told him to go for the ear.

A practical working definition

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PC (political correctness): nlabor camp of the mind. Think, oh, say, Kim Jung-un or Joey Stalin (or any Liberal US pol) smiling at you as he directs your brain’s synaptics to an acceptable level of political purity.

Question(s) of the day…

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How do I stuff my bags real quick and get to a normal society somewhere? I mean, come on, machete wielding gang attacks in Chicago, a hundred yoots violently attacking people -whites–at a mall, Islamic Jihadist terrorists (sorry, superfluous phrase) coming across the open borders. Government paternalism gone mad. Congressional membership increasingly resembling a confederacy of dunces. Of course the real question is–Is there a normal place left?

Actor James Woods forsakes the ice bucket challenge for the Eric Holder challenge Here

Here Quoting now…”These so-called pro-black militants on Facebook who ‘claim’ they only desire the betterment and advancement of black people honestly scare me. They have so much contempt for black women, so much seething hatred and need to for absolute control that to have these folks take over black society would be like the negro version of the Taliban. Yep; they’re that scary...”