Deny? Then die? Huh?

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This is probably the best reason I’ve heard to full accept the global warming political agenda (if not the actual fuzzy scientific data): “Kill the deniers“.

Mass immigration agenda

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Psychologically speaking: Supporting mass immigration from third world territories merely to prove you’re not racist is in itself racist, underlying a deep sense of superiority.

Politically speaking: Supporting mass immigration to achieve a voting pattern that will keep the leftist elite in power is nothing less than–racism.

Ferguson, we have a problem

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We all know there is in fact such a thing as police brutality, and its victims are of all races and even innocent dogs. However, in Ferguson, we have a problem.

Note: while you’re headed to the links you might want to check this article out too.

You do not own your own home

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No, you do not own your own home, not really. Remember the words of Scrooge: there’s more grave than gravy in home “ownership” (and that’s a direct quote). Here’s one example out of many.

Is this the real…?

Posted: October 18, 2014 in Current events

Commentators and government cronies keep talking about what is or is not the real Islam. Well, in Pakistan this must be the real Islam.

Also, was The Spanish Inquisition the real Christianity? Is Pat Robertson the real Christianity. Is Islamic State the real Islam? Is Scientology the real Scientology? Etc….

New invention…

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New invention in the works. A mirror with no reflection so the masses can’t see how ugly they look.

A few short linkers…

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Well of course you knew this was coming.

Gone Girl review (this is the one radical PC feminists are complaining about).

Like previous posts on here: busification of airlines.

Not just the economy, stupid.

Turks finally enter fray in Kurds VS IS: it bombs and gasses Kurds.

Sicko Sweden (yes, Sweden): financing Muslim immigration at 10,000,000 kroner per hour (about US $1,381,763)!

Sicko Denmark (yes, Denmark): Islamic beheadings threatened.

Sicko Grand Banana Republic (yes, The Grand Banana Rep): Gov unleashes violent undocumented criminals on street (that proves we’re not ‘racist’).